Incredible Rental Fee!

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The world’s biggest duty free agreement which is going to last for the next 25 years which has been signed by and between Unifree and IGA, operator of the new airport, in January,2015, has been examined. When the new airport reach the peak capacity, and if the objectives are fulfilled, Unifree, which is planned to operate duty free areas of the airport, will pay exorbitant rent.

The world’s biggest airport, which is being built in the North of Istanbul, will make tremendous impact in the following years not only with its 150 millions passenger capacity and 77 million square meter field capacity but also with its giant economy. If all goes well, Unifree Duty Free Management Inc., successfull duty free tenderer, will pay a jaw-dropping rent.

This contract is the highest income agreement which has been signed by a private sector in history of the republic as well as it is one of the longest standing commercial treaties of global aviation industry.

Magical Mirror and Charging Basket

Limak’s CEO, Nihat Ozdemir, who is one of the company partners of the airport, states that the construction of the airport is being carried out rapidly 7 24 by using 3.000 caterpillars. He also says that it is estimated that the first plane will land on the airport in 26th of February, 2016. Nihat Ozdemir has not given any information about the financial aspect of the contract for duty free but he has given some clues about what the mega shopping mall is going to be like. He clearly says: “ There will be 6 different zones in duty free area. For instance, there will be luxury boutiques in a 10.000 square metered area. There will also be some stores in bazaar concept in an area of 5.000 square meter.

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