India’s Excitement In The Housing Sector

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The invitation of the Prime Minister of India to build a residential project with 100 city projects caused the excitement of Turkish contractors.

Evaluating the statement of President Erdogan, "We are in this business," the builders said that conditions may arise under which they will leave for India, if there are no bureaucratic difficulties. It is expected that TOKI and Real Estate Housing will take the lead in this project.

The support of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the Turkish bosses of the construction sector was rendered by the words "Turkish businessmen are ready to take part in 100 Smart City projects in India".


Construction bosses who signed many qualified projects both in the country and abroad stated that the conditions are fully formed and they want to get a share from the project of 40 million houses in India, if there are no difficulties from the bureaucratic point of view.

Nazmi Durbakayim, president of the Istanbul Builders' Association, said that Turkish builders are the best in the world in terms of housing construction in megacities, and said: "We are ready to build housing in India," he said.

Mithat Yenigun, the head of the Association of Turkish Contractors, said that India is a market with great potential for the construction sector in Turkey. "The country has one of the fastest growth rates in terms of construction costs, and it is expected that the sector will continue to grow by an average of 9 percent by 2019. India plans to spend $ 454 billion on infrastructure development projects for the next five years. It can be said that in the Indian market there are significant opportunities for the Turkish construction companies ".

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