Industrial Sites Will Be Transformed

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Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Ozlu said that they would carry industrial sites which be in the down center out of the city. Ozlu said that he could give loans with the interest of 3 percent for the movements to the industrialists and make luxurious housing and shopping mall.

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Ozlu noted that they were working on a model that have request "come with us" from many industrial sites and that the industrialists would not be harmed.


According to the news of Deniz Çiçek from Habertürk newspaper, Ozlu said that they will transport the industrial sites in the down center out of the city within the scope of the Production Reform Package. Expressing that industrial sites will be transformed into legal ground Ozlu said, " Municipalities, special provincial administrations and the ministry will agree with the owners of the property. We will make them clean modern industrial bazaars. There will be two when the man has a shop. Many of the industrial sites built in the 1970s are very small, and 50 square meters of space are not enough. " Özlü stated that they will evaluate the old areas with the municipality and said that " We will provide reconstruction according to the situation of the city. Upscale residential accommodation will be made or shopping malls will be made. Owners of the property will profit from this business without harm.

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