Instead of the Soda Pop Factory Situated in İstanbul a Hotel Will Be Construct in Its’ Place

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In the recent years as you know the factories situated in the heart of the city are usually moving from the center to the country. The fate of Elvan soda pop factory also become clear. This factory which is situated in an area of 12 thousands 24 square meter in Bahçelievler and according to the designed project in this area a hotel of 130 room, 4 guest houses of 96 unital and 50 shops will be construct.


Delta İncirli Project

The name of this project is decided as Delta İncirli. It is a project designed by the ministry of environment and urban planning of İstanbul.


According to the promotion file the project will be commenced in January 2019.The landed interest had signed the engagement of 44 million Turkish Liras of investment value. For the Delta construction, housing and hotel project the ministry of Bahçelievler get the license in 9 February 2017.


66 Thousand Square Meter of Construction

According to the project Delta İncirli, 66 thousand square meters of 120 thousand square meter will be used for construction. The project consist of 4 different type of housing such as 2 of them with 5 floor, 2 with six floor and 5 situated at the very first floor which is also called the ground floor with basement floor. The project will also consist 1 hotel of 6 floor. Lastly the height of the construction will not be more than 24.5 meters.



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