Invest in Home by 42.5 Turkish Lira

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Long-expected real estate certificate is no longer in effect. A small investor who does not have a certificate to acquire real estate with a certificate to become a new financial investment intermediary may be a partner in the projects by purchasing shares from real estate projects. The first step of the model that would be used by small investors to increase the value of the real estate was laid in Istanbul Başakşehir.


The individual or institutional investor will buy shares from the project. While the investor who accumulates enough shares will be the host, the investors who want will benefit from the increase in value by selling their shares. Park Mavera 3 project fee per share was determined as 42. 5 pounds. Citizen living in Trabzon with this model will be able to share 42.5 TL and share the housing project in Basaksehir, Istanbul. While the project needs to collect at least 11.58 shares for 125 square meters 2 + 1 apartments, 21 458 shares will be needed for 5 + 1 apartments of 227 square meters

Toki Is A Warrantor

TOKI President Ergün Turan said that he had the opportunity to invest in real estate certificate, without drawing credits with little accumulation, without investing in money, and encouraging the investor. Turan, who defined the real estate certificate as a “a halal investment instrument”, also noted that TOKİ is the guarantor of the first application of the model..

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