Investable Areas in Istanbul

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Lots of housing projects are made real in Istanbul pole to pole. The area is increasing in value day by day thanks to mega projects, urban transformation and metro works. This increase in value also increases the house prices. Some specific areas offer great opportunities for investors. It is said that real estate investors in these areas will definitely gain profit. So what are these profitable areas? What areas in Istanbul are investable?

Profit making areas in Istanbul…

Real estate experts state that those who want to make profit from real estate should choose periphery areas of the city. At this point, Cekmekoy, Kartal, Maltepe, Basaksehir – Bahcesehir lines come to the fore as potential profitable areas. It is also emphasized that locations in which metro line goes have also potential for increase in value.

Here are the bargain corners of Istanbul


Cekmekoy, one of the outstanding areas in Anatolian Side, is a attraction point of Istanbul thanks to branded housing projects. The fact that North Marmara Highway goes in this location makes the area an advantageous point. Also on-going construction of Uskudar – Cekmekoy metro line contributes to the value of the area. Increasing demands and prices are expected for this region.


Kartal, which is becoming the center of Anatolian Side day by day, is one of the cities which have the highest potential in profit making. Kartal increases in value thanks to the sizable investments about public transportation and and infrastructure. The area catches investors’ attention by means of its closeness to Sabiha Gokcen Airport, its metro line, its closeness to the sea and Izmit Gulf Bridge.


Maltepe, which is next to the Sea of Marmara, is showed as one of the cities which have the highest potential in profit making. Metro line that reaches this area makes transportation easy and increase demand.

Basaksehir – Bahcesehir

Basaksehir – Bahcesehir route, which is a rising living space in European Side, has lots of on-going real estate projects. It is expected that Canal Istanbul, 3rd Airport and 3rd Bridge will contribute to the value of the region.

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