Investment call from Qatar

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Qatari Finance Center CEO Yousuf Al Jaida, who was visiting ATO, has been calling for investments for Turkish firms and Turkish businessmen.

Qatar Financial Center CEO Yousuf Al Jaida, who visited the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO), invited Turkish businessmen to invest in Qatar and said, "We want to work with five major countries after the crisis. Turkey, Iran and Asian countries … We want to encourage Turkish companies to come to my country. "
Qatar Financial Center CEO Yousuf Al Jaida, Business Development Director Sheikha Al Anoud Bint Hamad Al-Thani and accompanying delegation visited ATO Chairman Gursel Baran.
"But I guarantee you that Qatar will be a very different Qatar after the crisis," said Jaida, who said Qatari was going through a crisis during his visit. As Qatar Finance Center, foreigners are allowed to set up a company with 100 percent own capital and that they know about tax exemption, Jaida said that they are waiting for companies in Qatar, especially finance companies, organizations companies, banks, consulting, engineering and architecture companies. Explaining that Qatar's economy, one of the world's largest gas exporters, is based on energy, Jaida said:
"We have been growing incredibly for 15 years. We have a growth rate of around 15 percent per year. The economy is spending the most in the state. But in the new Qatar, the private sector will have a very big say. "
Noting that new friendships were established in the region, Jaida said, "We are very grateful for the friendship of Turkey. We are confident that our business alliance will continue to be much stronger. "

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