Investment of 600 million TL from Halic Congress Center Operator

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New construction board Chairman Mehmet Naci Topsakal has made important evaluations from the new projects with an investment value of TL 600 million to the construction of the Atatürk Cultural Center ( AKM ). Mehmet Naci Topsakal who runs the congress center held an evaluation meeting.

Mehmet Naci Topsakal who is a Chairman of the new construction Boards made important statements. Atatürk Cultural Center became the victim of the intellectuals. Mehmet Naci Topsakal who is the Chairman new construction Board, stated that they took the Atatürk Cultural Center ( AKM ) conference in Taksim four years ago but they did not go as they wanted and that they went heavy .


He said AKM was a victim of intellectuals. He said that none of they were right. Mehmet Naci Topsakal who stated that Atatürk Cultural Center was built in 1946 ‘’ we have studied AKM and also the situation is not good at it and also we are looking at strengthening them and also we have nothing fundamental The NATO missile base in Beykoz is becoming a film studio. Mehmet Naci Topsakal, who is a chairman of the New Construction Board stated that they had a giant platoon life on stage of 320 acres. The project, which belongs to the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be held at the same time as 10 movies can be taken. The hotel will have different studios like the underwater shooting pool. The construction started here in 2011.

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