Investments Of Angels Are Winged

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While the number of angel investors and venture funds in Turkey is increasing, the investments made by enterprises are multiplying. By 2016, enterprises have invested $ 36 million. By 2016, this figure almost doubled to $ 67 million.

ISTANBUL – The entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey is young but growing fast. New venture investments have also begun to sign significant successes. Last year, South East Europe and the Middle East, the new investment in the region, the country is invested in Turkey immediately after Israel. While the number of angel investors and venture funds in Turkey is increasing, the investments made in enterprises are increasing exponentially. In 2016, entrepreneurs invested 36 million dollars in 2015, almost doubling this figure to 67 million dollars in 2016. While Fintech was in the first place with an investment amount of more than 22 million dollars, it followed with real estate and pazary initiatives with 5 million dollars. Pre-seed and seed investments reached about 1.8 million dolars. Last year the investment was admitted to record 124 in the last 5 years with 43% growth. In the investment statistics of the European Angel Investment Trade Organization’s 2016, Turkey took the place of the 8th market with the highest angel investment in Europe.

MV Holding And Revo VC Sanctioned $ 19.2 Million


MV Holding and Revo VC have signed one of the largest investment tours in the industry by investing $ 19.2 million in the 24-percent minority stake in the fintech initiative Cardtek. Vivense followed the largest e-commerce initiative in furniture vertical, investing $ 5 million from Germany-based Earlybird VC, which invested in early-stage initiatives in Eastern Europe and Turkey. Verusaturk GSO then invested $ 2 million in Smartiks. All these major investments took place last March. A bidding site focused on the service sector, Pear. Com has also received a new $ 3.2 million investment from Addventure and Hummingbird Ventures.

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