Is It Possible To Buy A House Having An Ongoing Home Loan?

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Newly-married couples, those who want to be a homeowner, or those who want to buy a home for investment, look for house ads for sale with reasonable prices and credit facilities. Many individuals who want to buy a home they can find out that it is on the loan. In this case,mpeople actually have two questions. "Is it possible to sell an ongoing house with a credit, if so which course should it go through?". It is possible to buy a house with an ongoing home loan by following some steps.


How To Buy A Mortgage House In Cash

It is suggested to go to the bank where the house borrower is and to find out how much the total borrower is calculated together with the house's current loan debt and early payment penalty. After the total housing credit has been calculated, the home price is paid to the bank by the buyer, reducing the amount required to close the loan. After this process, the bank receives a "blocked check". Mortgaged home sales are made in tapes and delivered to the blocked dealer. The total amount of the loan on the house is deposited in the bank where the borrower is located and the debt can be closed and the letter of the removal of the mortgage is required. The mortgage on the title deed is lifted with the letter of the mortgage.


There is another way for buyers who want to buy a house that is borrowing credit and buy it using credit. This method is done by several writing operations between banks. The receiver is among the first things to do when it comes to credit for the house. After approval of the loan application, the expert who is sent by the bank. The bank to which the expert has been sent requests the official letter from the bank where the credit is received by the seller to remove the credit after the debt is closed. After this process, the sale process is carried out by going to the title deed and mortgage is placed on the title deed second degree. After the sale process, the bank is going to get credit along with the title deed. The amount of the loan is paid to the bank where the loan is borrowed, and the remaining amount is paid to the seller. After this process, you will be asked to remove the mortgage from the relevant bank. The mortgage is taken down to the title deed and the old mortgage on the bank is removed and the second mortgage on the house is reduced to the first mortgage.

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