Is The Cost Of The Apartment Belongs To The Owner Of Home Of Tenant?

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Apartment expense when it comes to both the landlord and there are some payment of the tenant. In this case, the sharing of expenses coming up.


Apartment costs divided into two


-The owner must pay municipal expenses; pqaint, whitewash, are composed of the main structure of the boiler as replacement costs,


-Tenants expenses to be paid; porter fees, security consists of common expenses such as electricity, water, money and fuel expense.


This issue is discussed in the Flat Ownership Act Article 20 as follows:


Article 20 unless a different agreement between the owners of each floor:


  1. a) Caretaker, heater, gardener and caretaker expenses and equally in advance for them to be collected;
  2. b) The real estate insurance premiums and maintenance of all common areas, protect, strengthen and repair costs and manage pension as other expenses and the operating expenses of the common facilities and the rate of their land shares in advance to be collected for expenses; It is required to attend.


  1. c) Floors shall refuse to pay the expenses and advances by share owners to give up the right to use common areas or facilities on the status of its independent sections or so to suggest that they have the benefit of the needs and requirements. Expenses or advance payments on the financial share floor, by each of the other apartment owners or managers, the management plan, and this Act may be prosecuted according to the general rules, enforcement proceedings can be made. All expenses and advances account for five percent share of the monthly days of delay in the payment of financial payment delay times is obliged to pay compensation . to go in the first paragraph, if the property owners of one or the people who benefit in any way from its independent section caused by a defective movement, those who cause the floor to the owner or expense for the payments made to participants in expenses has recourse.

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