Is the house or the shop profitable for investment?

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"If you have decided to buy an investment property, you need to stop and think: 'Do I have to buy a house?' Because it is still a profitable investment no matter what period of time you invest in the store.


Particularly those who deal with trade, construction and real estate, political power, irrespective of the supply-demand balance, is the most profitable investment to buy the shop. If you look at it, it is not unfair in your beliefs. The difference between the house and the shops is a multiplier of 50-80 month rent *. So while the house rental you buy at a good point is depreciating itself in 15-20 years, the rental income of the shop can make the money you give in 10-12 years. In this case, if you have a money to invest in a house or a shop, and if you think which one to deposit, you should look at the rent multiplier. If the multiplier is more advantageous, it would be beneficial for you to go to it.


Although the rent multiplier varies depending on the province, district, neighborhood and street, there is a benefit to go to real estate where the rent multiplier is less than 150 months. Although investors have recently moved to 1 + 1 studio apartments on site / residence projects, the shopping streets created on mass housing projects also have profitable opportunities for investors. The neighborhood atmosphere to be created in the site projects and the high demographic and socioeconomic structures of the residents here make the shops to be purchased for investment attractive.

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