Istanbul Bosphorus Pedestrian Road Will Connect With Tube Passage

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The drilling works were started within the scope of ‘Kabatas-Uskudar Walker Tube Project‘ which will combine the Asian and European side with the pedestrian way under the Istanbul Bosphorus. According to the statements made, it is estimated that the project will be completed by the end of 2019 and attract great interest.


Pedestrian Way Under To The Istanbul Bosphorus

When the tunnel usage is planned to be completed in 2019, the passengers descending from Marmaray in Üsküdar will be able to reach Kabataş metros by passing the walking band under the sea to the opposite side. The first studies for the tunnel to be made under the Istanbul bosphorus began. Kadir Topbaş’s ” Mastery work “, which is defined as the connection of Üsküdar and Kabataş under the sea, was concluded for the prosecution sounding tender. In this context, the work start with the sounding vessel brought to the Kabataş defenses was shown from the air.

Project Will Link Two Continent To Each Other

The tunnel between Usküdar and Kabataş will link the two continents to each other under the sea, two kilometers long. The upper floors of the two-storey tunnel that will pass 20 meters below to sea will spread and use bicycles. Down the tube passage will be separeted to the wheeled electrical vehicle traffic.

The work of the project, which will relieve Istanbul traffic for both the roads and for vehicles and public transport, has quickly begun. It is one of the first objectives of the project to create safer and more comfortable traffic on İstanbul.

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