Istanbul Has Entered In The Big Leagues

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Istanbul Has Entered In The Big Leagues

27th MIPIM real estate fair which is the most important fair about real estate is organized in Cannes. Istanbul has entered in the big leagues this year with 96 m² huge model of the city and huge projects such as Third Airport and so on.


Thousands real estate professionals from tens of different countries meet at this fair every year and businesscards are given and taken among them. This year, Turkey has attended this fair with 23 institutions of private sector and municipalities and caught the attention of attenders. Especially Istanbul has caught one of the most attention among all attenders.


Although terrorist attacks realized in the near past, Turkey has attended to fair with top officials led by Fatma Güldemet SARI who is the minister of environment and urban planning. Moreover, a huge model of Istanbul and huge projects such as Third Airport, Third Bridge, Eurasian Tunnel etc. These huge visual models made Istanbul booth as one of the most visited booths and caught attention. In other words, Istanbul has entered in the big leagues with its big projects.


Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has prepared a huge tent which was 685 m² size. This huge tent was located between Paris and London tents. In this tent, huge projects are presented to foreign investors. Thus, their interest will canalize to Istanbul and Turkey and these projects will be a good reference to tenders which will be abroad. If new airport project will take “the Award of the Best Mega Project of Future”, this will be a concrete benefit of this huge project.


To sum up, Istanbul has entered in the big leagues in 27th MIPIM real estate fair with its historical, cultural structure and its new huge projects. Thus, Istanbul has started to attract foreign investors more with this fair.

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