Istanbul – Prefabricated House Sale Champion

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Prefabricated houses, which in fact have been around the market since the beginning of the 20th century, can both be built quicker than site-built houses and also cost less than them, though not always. However it is for sure that building a prefabricated house is pretty much friendlier to the environment. People start deciding on prefabricated houses more and more every day.


According to data on the first five months of 2017 obtained from, the average sale price of a moderate prefabricated house is 36.500 Liras, and the cities in which most prefabricated houses are sold, are Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya respectively. Istanbul, as having the advantage of being the most crowded city in the country, is naturally where most prefabricated houses are sold. During the period analyzed, average prefabricated houses the buyers mostly preferred (69 square meter wide, three room houses with air conditioners) were sold at an average 48.000 Liras in Istanbul, 30.000 Liras in Ankara, and 10.000 Liras in Antalya.


Although the concept is almost a century old, especially due to its durability, easy installation, modular structure and lower cost compared to concrete construction, the interest in prefabricated houses has started to increase more than ever in recent years.


Finally, one significant reason why Istanbul is the number one city based on prefabricated house sales, is because more people try to live outside the city, which is full of traffic and air pollution, and the most practical way to do this is building a modular house.



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