Istanbul Real Estate Investments in 2017

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Investment Director of Omurga Portföy İlhami Akkum, said that the real estate prices and house rents will fall in İstanbul. Developing Trends in Real Estate Europe 2017 Report was published and shared with the public. This research clarifies the Europe Investment Decisions on Real Estate Sector. PWC and Urban Land Institute prepared this report. According to this important report, the balance in Europe Real Estate Sector is changed by the decision of the United Kingdom related with the leaving the European Union. There will be many opportunities for the new markets. Germany Cities will be the safe areas for the Real Estate Sector and Europe will prefer these areas mostly. According to the report, the institutional international investments will be fall in a short time. The individual investors from the Middle East expects the big earnings and this can affect İstanbul Real Estate Sector because there is an prediction on about that they will prefer İstanbul for the investments.


İstanbul Real Estate Market

Real Estate specialists have some expectations related with İstanbul Market. The government can support the real estate sector more and the investors see this possibility as high. The young population structure, rapidly developing middle class and the young professionals joined to the business life will be very important factors on affecting the consumption. There will be a development depends on the consumption expenditure.

Investor’s Interest in the Real Estate Market will continuing in the future. There is a prediction of that situation. In İlhami Akkun’s opinion, the inflation and the depreciation of the Turkish Lira will make the real estate investment more attractive but this is valid for the reliable projects.

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