Istanbul Real Estate Projects

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The Mega Projects especially related with the big transportation and the urban transformation projects also affect the housing stocks in a lot of areas of Istanbul. There is a surplus of housing in some districts of Istanbul. Which districts have a large number of buildings in İstanbul? The intensive housing stocks attract attention of the real estate investors and the housing buyers. Which areas have the most housing stock in İstanbul and the related list is below:

According to the REIDIN Building Stock Analyse there are 512 branded housing projects as total and 173.282 apartment stocks in İstanbul for the period of January2017-January2020. This report states the current building number and the building supply for the future related with the real estate sector. Now, we can see that 16 branded housing projects have been completed and these projects involved 1.299 apartments. 486 branded housing projects are being done by a number of 172.053 apartments.


Esenyurt is the First Area for the Housing Stocks

According to the results of the Stock Analyse, Esenyurt has the most housing stock in Istanbul. Esenyurt has 45 branded housing projects and 21.134 housing stock in 2017, 11.186 housing stock in 2018 and 718 housing stock in 2020. Başakşehir is the second one in the list. Başaksehir has 28 housing projects in İstanbul. There are 14.099 housing stock in 2017, 8.332 housing stocks in 2018 and 1.250 housing stocks in 2019 for Başakşehir. Also Kadıköy has a big development as a result of the urban transformation projects. Kadıköy has 114 housing projects and 8.236 housing stock in 2017, 6.109 housing stock in 2018 and 3.250 housing stock in 2019.

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