Istanbul Was The Second of the World

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According to the price increase housing, the first twenty cities in the arrangement, Istanbul was the second of the world.  The English real estate company Knight Frank that according to global house of cities index calculate a report for the price changing. Moreover, In Turkey, Istanbul has the most increase with 25%  rates. In general of the world the avarage of home price increasing is 4.4. The increasing of the Izmir was recorded 16.5 %. According to the rates of increasing at the first 20 cities ranking Istanbul was the second of world, Izmir was the sixth of world and the last city of the ranking which Ankara  was thirteenth city of the world.

In Turkey, ranking changed  The president of Izmir Real Estate Brokers Room who is Mesut Güleroğlu said in a statement: ‘the ranking of  the price increasing has changed and it is not like before now. The changing is such as: from İstanbul – Ankara – İzmir to İstanbul – İzmir – Ankara. He pay attention that there are several reasons for this change. Because of the highest increasing prices, the investors become to registrate to İzmir. The last 2 or 3 years, the overthere of  Bayrakli town were high-rise buildings, Manhattan projects…In part that increasing the rates. 1+1 workplace prices are starting from 385 thousands liras, and it is going on until 1 million liras.

There is many places where builts like residences. For this area 1.5 million liras are talking in the market. Migration, population growth and in addition to the reasons for the new land development are a several reason. But there is the biggest reason is the buildnigs of structure of residences.’  There is an opportunity for Small Investor  Güleroğlu says; Unlike the newly built housing, there was no huge price increasing for the price of second hand houses.

The investors who wants to buy home themselves is waiting for the rates which come back to the 1.20% and then, they begin to invest. But now, becasue of this waiting in the second hand also has recession. Güleroğlu added: ‘ I believe that the second part of the year will be more active than before.

There is a point to be careful for investors, when the interest rates became to decrease, at the same time the prices of the houses will increase becasue of the not meeting supply due to demand. Eventually, the investors who wants to buy home has to pay attention that. Everyone waits for calm down the market. Actually, this is the opportunity, can buy appropriate house in this recession marketing issues.’

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