Istanbul Wind in Cannes for 4 Days

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Istanbul is getting ready to ensure the highest level of participation ever this year in MIPIM, the most prestigious real estate fair of the world, which brings 21.000 real estate professionals together in Cannes, Southern France, every year.

Leading firms of Realty and Construction Sector, with their newest projects, energy and potential, they will leave a mark of Turkey in MIPIM fair. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has doubled the area which it uses for Istanbul Realty Advertising Tent up to 685 square meter this year.

The tent will be placed in the most prestigious point of MIPIM International Real Estate Fair among the other tents of London and Paris. Based on the information the president of ICC has given in his speech to economy journalists, Istanbul Realty Advertising Tent will be located near the tents of London and Paris in MIPIM. 21.000 most effective real estate professionals from 89 different countries will visit the tent for 4 days.

There will be an ‘Istanbul model’ which will be being demonstrated via video mapping. While saying that MIPIM fair has a strategic importance for introducing Istanbul worldwide, states: “We bring a new dimension to advertising of Turkey and Istanbul every year. Urban transformation projects that Turkish firms carry out and mega infrastructure project that our government has planned for Istanbul, will be introduced to foreign investors from 89 different countries. The president of Istanbul Chamer of Commerce, Ibrahim Caglar says that the theme of this year is “Ubranisation Star Istanbul”. Caglar who says that urban transformation projects go on at full speed, states that they will introduce these projects in MIPIM fair. Caglar who says that Turkey is invited to the fair as honored guest, states that they aim to introduce realty sector and construction projects in Istanbul, ideally.

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