Istanbul’s 5 Most Funny Places And Real Estate Prices!

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When looking for a house or rental house for sale, the criteria looked changed! It is now regarded as being close to the social areas to be enjoyed as well as the home business. One of the priorities in the region, especially in big cities like Istanbul, where traffic is intense, is one of the social areas to enjoy.

1. Moda

In recent years there has been an immigration to Moda … Everyone wants to live in Moda, to have fun or to have a cafe. There is also a wide range of cafes, pastry shops, world cuisine restaurants, ice cream shops in terms of Moda’s eating and drinking culture. Moda also has many social areas such as cafes, pubs, cinemas and theaters. This intense interest, of course, is reflected in the prices of houses for sale and rentals.

2. Karakoy

Karakoy, one of the oldest districts of Beyoglu, is on the verge of a new transformation. The cafes, galleries, coffee shops and Karaköy house located in the historic air of the region are preferred by those who want to be close to entertainment.


3. Cukurcuma

Cukurcuma is most noteworthy with antique shops. Cukurcuma is located close to entertainment and art axes such as Cihangir, Siraselviler, Galata. It is a region where many people prefer to live with unspoilt history and neighborhood air.

4. Bebek

One of the most beautiful of the Bosphorus districts, Bebek sea attracts attention with its many restaurants and entertainment centers as well as its scenery and calm.

5. Cengelkoy

Cengelkoy, known for its historical Cinaraltı Cay Bahcesi, is one of the most preferred districts in recent years. Cengelkoy, which welcomes the view of the Bosphorus and the neighborhood culture, is one of the regions attracting attention especially with its fish restaurants.

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