Istanbul’s 7 District With The Highest Rental Prices

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Central districts such as Cihangir, Levent, Maslak, Yesilyurt, Yesilkoy, Atakoy, Florya, Sisli, Acibadem and Atasehir are attracted by the rental income. Cihangir, Levent, Maslak and Yeşilyurt are preferred for the rental of housing. The housing loan maintains the popularity of real estate despite the increase in interest rates. In particular, real estate in high districts is demanding rent increase. Cihangir, Levent, Maslak, Yesilyurt, Yesilkoy, Atakoy, Florya, Sisli, Acıbadem and Atasehir attract investors with the rental of the central districts.


According to Ekonomist Magazine, Ozlem Bay Yilmaz reports that despite the increase in interest rates on housing loans, the campaigns that the construction companies have applied to the ongoing projects and stocks in their hands are making the appetite for those who want to invest in the property. Those who have some accumulated money in their hands choose the real estate they see as the most attractive investment tool. On the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Acıbadem, Altunizade, Atasehir, Kozyatagi, Kalamis-Suadiye coastline are listed as regions with high rental income. Prices in these neighborhoods increase more than others, they are located in developing regions and their proximity to new transportation networks is influential.

Turyap Marketing Coordinator Ozgul Erdogan stated that some of the districts are centrally located and the new projects made in these districts cause remarkable increases in rental prices. “For example, tunnels built in Istanbul in recent years have brought serious effects on the prices of the districts they have connected to.

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