Istanbul’s Leading Housing Sales in Turkey in 2016

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Istanbul, the most crowded and possibly the most beautiful city of Turkey, is the leading city on housing sales in Turkey in 2016. According to Turkish authorities,  last year 1 million 149 thousand 122 housing have been sold in entire Turkey. The most 5 housing sold cities respectively are Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Bursa. On the other hand Tunceli, Bayburt and Ardahan are the least housing sold cities in Turkey.

206 Thousand Housing Have Been Sold in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey with its’ 14 million population. Besides, it attracts thousands of people everyday due to its’ magnicifent touristic, cultural, historical places and worth to seen landscapes. That is why people always need new houses and residences in the city. Last year, 206 thousand 430 housing have been sold in Istanbul. After that 124 thousand 291 in Ankara, 71 thousand 805 in Izmir, 47 thousand 602 in Antalya and 45 thousand 625 housing have been sold in Bursa. On the other hand Tunceli (915), Bayburt (601), Ardahan (544), Şırnak (307) and Hakkâri (98) are the cities with the least numbers.

Trade Worth 714 Billion Turkish Lira

Last year, trade of housing and land reached worth 714 billion 475 million 57 thousand 976 turkish lira. The most 5 land sold cities are Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Konya and Izmir. 49 thousand 88 land in Istanbul, 29 thousand 515 land in Ankara, 18 thousand 321 in Antalya, 17 thousand 29 in Konya and 16 thousand 170 land in Izmir have been sold last year. And the least land sold cities are Bayburt (544), Hakkâri (536), Bartın (478), Rize (369) ve Artvin (323).

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