Istanbul’s New Airport

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The Istanbul New Airport was praised by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Germany's highest circulation newspapers. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, who received the "International Newspaper of the Year" four times in the last eight years, commented that Frankfurt Airport would be an extra surge when the Istanbul New Airport, where the whole world is to stand out in the future, will open

The editor Dyrk Scherff wrote: While Turkey expresses the attention of the whole world with the projects it has been experiencing in the last period, it is using the expressions "world air traffic will be the heart here" for Istanbul New Airport.

Time Loss And Financial Less Than While Turkey

Underlining that the Istanbul New Airport is in a geographically correct location, German journalist Dyrk Scherff describes the project as an ideal stop for transit passengers flying from Europe to Asia. It is noteworthy that when the people in Stuttgart, Cologne or Hamburg are required to make a transfer while flying, they will be less time consuming and less costly when flying over Turkey.


You Will Lead To 30 Percent Capacity In Frankfurt

In his report, Dyrk Scherff said that Istanbul is already the largest aviation center in the world and underlines that the Istanbul New Airport will reach 90 million passengers when the first phase is over. Istanbul is also bigger than London's Heathrow, with the largest airport in Europe and 30 percent more capacity than Frankfurt.

Comparing the project with examples in the world, it is stated that the airport will be the size of Hanau city with a population of about 100 thousand, while the Istanbul New Airport will be completed before the construction of the new Berlin Airport, which began 8 years ago and the smaller Berlin Airport.

Frankfurt Loss It’s Position

It is stated that the airport of Istanbul is afraid of losing its position with the launch of the Istanbul New Airport. It is stated that for the center which will connect the world with air, 200 million and more passengers will be provided when completed. The journalist states that Turkey's national pride and desire to be strong are reinforced by this project. The article also mentions that Turkish Airlines has achieved a growth beyond what was expected, while Napoleon's words "Constantinople would become the capital if the world were a country".

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