Istanbul’s New Symbol is 365 Meters Kucuk Camlica Radio-TV Tower

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Istanbul’s new symbol 365 meters height radio tower projects is advencing while it is already reached 100 meters.
Istanbul is about to have an another historical symbol for its cityscape. Kucuk Camlica Radio-TV tower has already reached 100 meters and expected to recieve millions of tourist each year.


Istanbul is speeding up with mega projects after Marmaray, Osmangazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and last Asia-Europe tunnel project with the ongoing projects of Canal Istanbul, Third Istanbul Airport and Kucuk Camlica Radi0-TV tower.
The project has already reached 100 meters and will speed up the tourist flow. When the project is finished it will be higher than Eiffel Tower and will me 365 meters. It will reach the 365 meters height with 165 meters antenna on top of it and most of the ugly antennas in the area will be removed as this tower will provide everything. The cost of this project is 170 million TL.
With 2 private restaurants in the 17th and 180th floors will be on the tourist services. It will be 583 meters high to the sea level and planned to take millions of tourist each year.
The project will be delivered in June 2017 and open to service.

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