It is A Dream To Be Waiting For Housing Prices To Fall

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Speaking at a publicity meeting of a project in Cekmekoy, Ağaoğlu said: "It would be a dream to expect prices to come down."

Ağaoğlu stated that they have been selling their projects even in times of crisis such as 1994, 2001 and 2008 and said, "At this moment the world is experiencing a troubled period, especially in the region where we are geographically located, the most distressed places, but we have to continue our business." 


Agaoglu said that the economy is making serious sacrifices for the return of its revenues and said, "Today we can not take this land as money and put it back in. We do it with deliberate, we do not have to sit and cry. We also have social responsibility as business men. " 

Agaoglu stated that they are working on the projects in Bodrum and will start the project in 2018, "We have signed a preliminary agreement for a huge project with the Chinese in Bodrum..The housing prices are high and the land prices are high, too … The land price never falls … I do not believe that the housing prices will definitely decrease, housing prices will not decrease due to the inflation."

 "Oligarchy is still going on, and unfortunately it is one of the biggest obstacles in front of our business life … We do not get the jobs we are doing but it is incredibly difficult to get a license. I am in my business life for 50. I did not live in such a time when it was so hard to do business. "

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