It Is Founded Istanbul Cemevi And Cultural Center

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The Istanbul Cemevi And Cultural Center where the Alevi citizens could perform their worship was founded a ceremony in Kucukcekmece in Istanbul. Gazi Arslan, president of Istanbul Djemevi and Cultural Center Association, gave a speech at the ceremony.

AK Party Istanbul deputy Serap Yaşar, Küçükçekmece District Governor Harun Kara, Kucukcekmece Mayor Temel Karadeniz, President of Alevi Associations Federation Rıza Eroğlu, President of Istanbul Cemevi and Culture Center Association Gazi Arslan and a large number of citizens participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of Djemevi, which will be worship, education and congress and planned to be completed within two years.


Istanbul Djemevi ve Cultural center will become a complex serving the social, cultural and religious mystic sciences as well as a place of worship, The project will consist of a thousand 500-seat djem hall, 500-seat conference hall and training classes.

Kucukcekmece Mayor, who spoke at the ceremony starting with the stand in silence and reading of the Turkish National Anthem, by emphasized the importance of the unity and solidarity "as Kucukcekmece Municipality, we provide services to strengthen our unity and solidarity among all projects and events. In this respect, we are very pleased that will be founded of Istanbul Djemevi and Culture Center. "

Gazi Arslan, President of Istanbul Djemevi and Cultural Center Association, also thanked Küçükçekmece Mayor Karadeniz for his contributions and said that in the djemevi project has come to this stage, he made great efforts. Arslan stated that djemevi would be unprecedented in Turkey and in the world, and that this work was expected to be an example to other municipalities.

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