It’s Cheap But Nobody’s Buy It

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According to real estate prices in Turkey certification project with quite a low price. But this does not attract the interest of investors. Those who hold these certifications in hand are trying to sell. Stock Market Istanbul President Himmet Karadağ has some explanations. He made some promises about the real estate certificate when he explained what he did. He mentioned that the real estate certificate is 25 percent discounted. Although the project had a 25 percent discount on the sale price, investors said they wanted to sell them.


This issue was clarified with numbers. Başakşehir region, where the real estate certificate is based, has made a premium in the last year, but the certificate showed that the region did not benefit from the increase in premiums. The website '''' has published a real estate index. According to this Property Index, there is an increase in real estate prices in Başakşehir. This increase was recorded as 10 percent in the last year. In the face of this, the loss of real estate certificate is 18 percent. This indicates that the investor is not targeting this area.

In addition, Karadağ made other statements. He also stated that real estate certificates have a share-like structure. As a result, the domestic investor said he wanted to get out of these shares in the short term. As a result, real estate certificate prices are falling.

Karadağ has taken some more important points about real estate certifications. He talked about why he was sold. He explained that the prices in the explanation that he made affected the consumer. He said he was trying to get the consumer out of hand because the prices were falling. As a result, he mentioned that the prices went down even further.

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