Its Time For Horizontal Architecture

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The President Erdogan’s emphasis on ‘horizontal structuring ‘ and Prime Minister Davutoglu’s ‘Gokkafes’ references show that Turkey passed to another dimension of architectural precision.The sector representatives say the same that its time for the horizontal architecture.

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The altitude matter of Istanbul is again on the agenda of the country.The day before yesterday,emphasized Erdogan again and again on this altitude matter in the Congress of Urban Transformation and Smart Cities which was for a while brought up by Prime Minister Davutoglu with its ‘Gokkafes’ example.Erdogan underlined that there is from now on another dimension of an architecture and continued that, ” Its already the time to convert from vertical to horizontal structuring.” He added also that,especially we dont have to permit for vertical architecture around the Canal Istanbul.

The altitude matter which was taken to attention by President Erdogan was actually one of the priorities of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and TOKI.The architectures and contractors are also agreed with the precision of altitude matter.


What did Erdogan say?

“Its time to convert from vertical to horizontal structuring.For example,we dont have to permit in Canal Istanbul for vertical architecture.We have to take steps in this direction in Istanbul,Ankara and even the other cities.There are buildings with 30-40 floors which are far away from the city center and on wide and empty spaces.That is not acceptable.Smart city doesnt mean a high altitude construction.

Basbakan Recep Tayyip Erdogan, yaklasik bir bucuk aylik aradan sonra TBMM'de AK Parti Grup Toplantisi'nda konustu. 14 Ocak 2014 / Mustafa Kirazli

Basbakan Recep Tayyip Erdogan, yaklasik bir bucuk aylik aradan sonra TBMM’de AK Parti Grup Toplantisi’nda konustu. 14 Ocak 2014 / Mustafa Kirazli

Dont Get It Wrong

The Architecture Murat Kader attentions to not get a wrong idea about President Erdogan’s discourses on the altitude matter.Our President underlined the residential areas outside the cities to be protected from the vertical structuring and to protect the historical peninsula and the soulhette of the Bosphorus.


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