İzmir To Manisa Regional Areas

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Where was opened for reconstruction according to the plan İzmir?

Environmental and urban ministry for some time by the changes to the plan suspended reaching clear information. İn İzmir-Manisa millions of square meters was opened to development.


İzmir-Manisa in regulating the environment according to a new zoning plan Gaziemir opened a wide area at the top of the new fairgrounds . According to the plan Dikili district is growing, Bornova Pınarbaşı were allowed housing to agriculture. Roads regional offices of the land sold was also reportedly removed from the green areas.


Gaziemir agricultural areas in the new fairgrounds and ESBAS top side was declared as urban development. This region was allowed to configure it. Millions of square meters of land was opened to development.


According to the highways which lead to discussion Izmir Bornova district offices of the Ministry plans reportedly 2. change of land status. İzmir Metropolitan administrative buildings according to the plan as registered by the municipal urban areas, where the gigantic car care centers and 54 thousand square meters facility is located said.


Kınık will remain in place, Dikili will be reborn!

According to the Ministry by the Izmir-Manisa landscaping plan for the district as kınık and Bergama which maintained its current zoning, it was reported. The areas reserved for pasture Dikili in a large part, especially in the eastern district was opened for development. Kabakum road to the east of Ayvalık, Gökçeağıl, Kıratlı, Salihler new zoning decision was brought to the region.


İzmir-Manisa region of the peninsula, according to new regulations Çeşme that made ​​a radical change in the most important district position. Urla center and surrounding Urla Çeşme remaining agricultural area between the highway, said the new zoning plan brought.


According to the ministry started to implement the plan and Roots Imari causing changes in İzmir-Manisa Region reportedly opened millions of square meters of housing area.

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