Kagithane is in Front Of Commercial Real Estate Prices in Istanbul

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According to the indices covering the year 2016, while the price averages for sale increased by 12 percent, the rents increased by 9 percent and reached an average of 28 TL per square meter. According to the Hürriyet Real Estate Index, Istanbul Kağıthane became the district where the highest prices of commercial real estate in the last month. In Kagithane, the average price reached to 5.167 TL that per square meter in one month by increased 9.5 percent. The average annual increase in the district is 24 percent. The average square meter price of commercial real estate for rent in Kagithane increased 12 percent in the last year and reached 19 TL.


Commercial Real Estate Prices in Üsküdar Increase by 103%

Üsküdar in the second place, the last one month increase of 7.1 percent. In the past year in Üsküdar commercial real estate prices have increased as 103 percent. The average price is 13 thousand 235 TL. while the annual increase in renting, is 30 percent; The average rent per square meter has reached TL 37. Bahçelievler, which is in the third place in the ranking, increased by 4 percent in the last month and 17 percent in the annual increase. While the average square meter price for commercial real estate for sale in Bahçelievler reaches 5 thousand 111 TL; Rents increased by 24 percent in a year and reached 22 TL.

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