Know about Nature Istanbul real estate agency

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An incredible exhibition was organized in Studio Istanbul. The exhibition was all about the world of real estate that presented people its very own residence projects. The exhibition was organized by a French artist named Soazic Guezennec who featured the show with the tagline “Happy Owners”.

In the exhibition, the artist presented the invented Istanbul real estate design with the use of utopian talks that is used in real estate advertisements.

He said, “I had been staying in Mumbai for about 3 years while the encounter among nature and the city smacked me.

There was an extremely fast urbanization going on, however simultaneously nature was extremely influential too. Forests stayed within the city. I was staying in the environs and I could accurately see the city’s boundaries continuously growing,” She was discussing about how she initially rise with the thought for the exhibition.

In the future 12 skyscrapers, all 50 stories tall, are constructed right in the centre of a steamy forest close to where Guezennec resides and insight arrives the form of posters advertising the latest blocks — a ordinary town view for İstanbulites too.

And identical to Istanbul, most of these advertisements feature such deceptive sayings as “inspired by nature”, or “in the core of nature”.

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