Land Prices Have Increased 50 Percent In Arnavutkoy

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In one Last year, the place where cross around the third airport and third bridge crossings in  Arnavutköy major projects showed an increase of 50 percent.

Arnavutköy is the new favorite of investors in Istanbul for rising land prices. For those who want to own the plot of land offers the opportunity for rapid expert valued at prices is starting under 100 thousand TL.

Arnavutkoy is important project together with Istanbul’s newest and attention to the fourth-largest county positions expert said that Land Chairman Ibrahim Uzbek. He said foreign investors are beginning to show interest. Even a square meter of land will be a tomorrow will become today the Uzbek also explained:  Arnavutkoy expressed a very worthwhile investment, region, especially Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar and Kuwait said that the interest of foreign investors. Specialists in the area as small, indicating that they can offer great opportunities for all investors, reported that they can offer lucrative deals, with prices starting from under 100 thousand TL for those who wish to evaluate their investment interest without trouble.

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