Land Selling Memorandum Between TOKİ And Real Estate Housing

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A Protocol Had Been Signed Between Emlak Konut REIT and toki-istanbul.jpg Development Administration

According to the statements of Real Estate Housing Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), a protocol was signed between TOKi and themselves for the 7 ground plots which one is around 381 thousand 172,34 square meter. The offer price for these ground plots was 1 billion 12 million 473,50 Turkish Liras. As the price is very high and hard to overcome Emlak Konut decided to pay the money into segments. While half of the price will be payed in September 2017 the other half will be payed in September 2018.


Information about the Ground Plots

The prices of the land situated in İstanbul Florya which is a county of Bakırköy, a ground plot of 81 thousand 328 meters was sold for 422 million 905 thousands and 600 Turkish Liras. When we look at the prices throughout İstanbul it is obvious that the prices of ground plots are quit high does not really matters where the land is situated. If the land is situated in İstanbul it means that it is valuable and so that they can augment the prices. To have a few ideas about other parts of Turkey we would like to share some data as well. In Samsun Canik, 3 lands of 51 thousand 697,64 square meter was sold for 94 million 264 thousand and 873,50 Turkish Liras and in Antalya Muratpaşa, a land of 40 thousand square meter was sold for 190 million Turkish Liras.

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