Last 18 Days For Property Tax!

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Initial payment of property tax is ending at the end of this month. That means, for taxpayers of property taxes last 18 days to pay initial payments. First installment payment of property tax started to be paid in March and it is going to end on 31 May. Taxpayers have to pay their first installment payment until Tuesday 31 May in other words they have to pay tax debt. The ones that are obliged to pay property tax have to go city hall which immovable property is bound to. Tax debt can be paid by going city hall but one can also do this with the following ways of payment;

  • It can be paid to the account of related city hall via PTT or bank transfer.
  • It can also be paid with credit card via internet branches of banks which are given authorize to be able to collect taxes
  • The payment can also be made via e-municipality systems of municipalities by being a member of that system first.


In the event that someone doesn’t pay his property tax or he pays lately, taxpayers are going to pay a fine of this. For this reason the payments should be made on time. The ones that don’t pay property tax on time come across with delay fine.


The ones that don’t pay property tax on time or don’t pay at all are going to have %1.40 late fees for every property tax that they didn’t pay on time.

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