Law for Rent and Withholding Tax is Offered!

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A new law proposal was introduced in order to change the Income Tax Law. According to this; it is requested that the rent and withholding tax received from tradesmen and craftsmen should no longer be taken.

CHP deputy Gürsel Tekin prepared the draft law and explained the following:

Thousands of tradesmen and craftsmen who are floating in debt and can not do business continue to shut down in 2017. According to SGK, the number of trades nationwide decreased by 204 thousand in January 2017 and reached 1 million 807 thousand. According to the seasonally adjusted values, the number of trades decreased by 177 thousand as of December 2016, and the number of trades in the last one year decreased by at most 60 thousand in Istanbul.

However, the trader, the trader, the investor, the state, the imbalanced and unfair tax system, as well as the heavy and fashioned past employment policies, has destroyed the courage of my own people, Our shopkeepers are taken from him in advance of the bread he will pay to his family, to his family, to the heavy taxes he has to pay without making a sale and doing more sales. Whether or not to gain or gain a trader, he is faced with a heavy tax nightmare imposed by the financial system together with the opening of a business.

The people who had to close their shops every day without having to do the siftah have become unable to earn money or even pay their expenses because of reasons such as financial difficulties, terror and effects, coup,

Our brother, who wants to start a new business, has to approve the demands of business owners in advance. The redemptions are determined from the net rent and the tax burden is not on the property but on the artisans and our brothers and sisters who are tenants. The tax that is made up of the rent income is not the winner of the rental income, but the tenant who is the owner pays.

The withholding tax on the rent, which the senelerce state, property owners and tradesmen are seeking solutions but is not pleased with in anybody, has turned from a collection method to transferring the tax burden to another person.

In 2016, the total withholding tax from the renting of the shops has reached 6.7 billion liras. In other words, tradesmen and craftsmen who are tenants in the workplace have to pay for the withholding that belongs to someone else, even if they are damaged by their commercial activities. In fact, despite the fact that the taxpayer is paying for the bad side of the business, official documents seem to have paid the owner of the workplace.

To save our brothers and sisters from this burden, a small change to Article 94 of the Income Tax Law will be a major relief by removing the rent and withholding tax. This change will provide great support to my friends, and will cause high rental rates to fall under market conditions.

With the reduction of the tax burden on the tradesmen, the income of the state will come to more and more, and as a result, tradesmen, artisans and companies will be able to register their rent fees more precisely in their records.

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