LEADERS Have 3 Bedroom Houses

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38 percent of the houses sold in April were made up of finished and 62 percent were made up of unfinished housing stocks. According to the previous month, sales of 1 bedroom apartments increased by 0.40 percent, 2 bedroom apartments- by 0,5 percent, 3 bedroom apartments -by 0,57 percent and 4 bedroom apartments – by 0.33 percent.

The size of the apartments with 51-75 square meters increased by 0.35 percent in the country, the size of 76-100 square meters –by 0.65 percent, 101-125 square meters – by 0.34 percent, 126-150 square meters – by 0.52 percent, and the size of 151 square meters or larger- by 0.33 percent.


The cities where the prices have increased the most

In April, housing sale prices per square meter increased by 2.27 percent. Bursa was the city with the highest prices. In the same period, the city where housing sales prices decreased the most was determined as Erzincan with 2 percent. In April, it increased by 0.2 percent compared to the previous month and by 4.14 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

When the annual growth rates were evaluated, the first 3 cities where the prices of apartments for sale increased the most were Balikesir with 28.10 percent, Tekirdağ with 21.41 percent and Çanakkale with 19.37 percent. According to the annual rates, prices of rental houses increased by 20.83 percent in Balıkesir, 18.54 percent in Aydın and 17.03 percent in Yozgat.

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