License Number Of Buildings Has Increased In 2016

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Turkish Statistical Institute announced an increase in the number of building permits issued in 2016. According to the report, more than 200 million square meters of real estate have been or will construct, with the license permit. According to the Statistical Institute estimates the percentage of building permits issued rose by about 5.5% compared with previous year. This increase is due to an increase in the pace of construction. Turkey is an interesting place in terms of investment. The tourist industry, trade, industry and production or sector of real estate; all this provides a great option for investors.


In general, the construction of residential real estate has grown by almost 11% compared with the previous year, the result was implemented the construction of about 200 million square meters of housing in the entire territory of the Republic of Turkey. While the leader of the pace and volume of construction is Istanbul. Private contractors and Government Construction Company received permission for the construction of more than 38 million square meters of real estate. This number includes both residential real estate and new commercial and industrial platforms. Istanbul is the fastest growing a megacity in which people want to live and work. A life in Istanbul combines the convenience, benefits and natural beauty. At the same time due to the support of the State Government, the purchase of real estate to become easier for foreigners. And according to the basic laws of the market: the demand always creates supply. So for 2016 more than 210 thousand new apartments were built in Istanbul.

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