Lottery Was Made in Piyalepasa Istanbul For Rights Holders

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With the Polat brand, one of the most important brands of the real estate sector, the lottery was made for the rights holders in Piyalepasa Istanbul, rising in Beyoğlu Istanbul. Turkey's largest urban transformation project, which has been misplaced by the private sector, lottery was made for the rights holders in Piyalepasa Istanbul. Piyalepasa Istanbul, which has risen by taking its 60 year long history and power behind the Polat brand, has promised its rights holders and has appointed its apartments in a lottery in the presence of a notary public.

İn Piyalepasa where one of the most valuable districts of Istanbul, lottery was made for rights holders. Emotional and unforgettable moments were took place in the lottery that held for the beneficiaries which live in the project area.


Piyalepasa Istanbul, which will bring social and economic value to the Piyalepasa and Beyoğlu regions when it is completed, has realized apartment lotteries as promised to the rights holders. The lotteries were held before the notary public with the participation of Piyalepasa Real Estate Chairman Adnan Polat and Piyalepasa Real Estate General Manager Kaan Yücel.

When the apartment deliveries are realized in June 2018 after 173 residents are included, the right holders citizens will have houses with all the features that exist in the Piyalepasa Istanbul example house, which is awarded the 'best interior design in the world'.

Piyalepasa Istanbul, which has been living on the 82-acre land in Beyoğlu in accordance with the spirit of the region, aims to revive the neighborhood life that Istanbulites longed for.

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