Make Your Own Home

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Everyone may want to make a new house. The high price of home leads people to new ways. One of these ways is to make a house. People want to build new houses. They want to meet their housing needs by doing these houses. They think that it can be cheaper to house a house. You may want to live a comfortable life away from the city. The detached house comes as an option. A detached house can be the same price as building a multi-storey house in the city. Especially, if the detached house is built in the category of ‘’luxury construction’’, the figures can be higher than the average construction.


Normal construction costs per square meter to be implemented in 2018 have been determined. The house price can be calculated according to these prices. You may be planning to build a normal house. Or you may want to build a luxurious home above normal. If a house of 200 square meters is built as a luxury, it costs about 300 000 Turkish Liras. If it is to be done in simple construction, a sufficient amount of 50 thousand Turkish Liras can be provided for a house of 200 square meters.

There are many important features in private houses. She uses different materials on the outer walls. Covers such as tile, marble or copper are used. Heat insulation is applied. The windows are stone-covered. It is more flashy than the normal structure. Garden arrangements are more detailed. Moreover, energy saving is becoming top level thanks to insulation. Normal detached houses can be thought of as houses built within the boundaries of village. Products such as wood, mud, plaster are used. It may not appeal to the eye.

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