Marmaray Passenger Transportation Capacity

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Marmaray is an extremely important project. Asian and European continents connects underwater. Years ago, it has been designed. Republican era, this project has been accelerated in the last 10 years. Since it started to provide transport services, quite a large amount of passengers. According to the latest data, the Marmaray carried quadruple of Istanbul  and was an important transportation option.


The crowd is the most important problem of transportation to major cities. Of commercial and business life of the city is about the most important transportation waste of time. Local and general government knows it has implemented many projects for Istanbul.


Marmaray but it did provide the greatest benefit. Both combined the two continents was integrated into the subway system. So Kazlıçesme where the eagle was under continuous transportation provided. When it emerged more clearly publish the latest data for passenger transport Marmaray TCDD.


Marmaray end of 2015 60,958,131 passengers. 1657434 figures for the population of Istanbul was given by the end of 2015. In this case Marmaray carried quadruple of Istanbul  and this is very important amount for Istanbul city.  Carrying an important part of daily passenger load in Istanbul Marmaray, announced that the owner of the largest capacity among existing stations Yenikapi station.


Ayrılıkçeşme the station in the other data released was expressed as having the second largest capacity. In this case the two sides of the Marmaray with experts determined that the subject has merged in real terms and was made by TCDD.


Daily life occurs within the data released by TCDD, the Marmaray ‘s revealed that Istanbul contributed significantly in traffic. According to the information it started carrying passengers Marmaray experienced positive developments in the city center traffic since the bridge and density. The data show that, Marmaray carried quadruple of Istanbul city.

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