Mayor Usta at Brand Cities Summit

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The Brand Cities Summit was organized in Sayit Halim Pasha Yalysi with the participation of experts from various sectors. Many topics were discussed, such as real estate projects, investments in tourism, environmental protection, energy efficiency, the importance of urban transformation projects, complex competition conditions and proposals for their solution. The program was also made by the mayor of Gaziosmanpasha Hasan Tahsin Usta, who presented the project of urban transformation.


The mayor Usta stressed that since Gaziosmanpasha is a rapidly developing area of Istanbul, he emphasizes the importance of urbanization with new urban architecture and advanced technologies in achieving rapid rates of transformation. "We gained strength in the way of urbanization, accelerating the process of urban transformation in our area," he said.

The mayor said: “When we consider the fact that our district is the most concentrated center of construction in Istanbul, we have assessed the need for a significant part of green areas and storage facilities and parking spaces”.

Noting that investments and innovations in Turkey have more favorable conditions than in other countries, Usta stated that the most advanced technologies were used, in particular, for investments in Istanbul.

President Usta: “Each city has its own unique position and branding symbol”, he says. “We need to make Istanbul a brand, adding something new. Canal construction and the third airport in Istanbul are also an achievement, and Istanbul is a brand city in this sense. As part of the summit, we also created a planning program that will cover the whole city. We discussed the urbanization of the city, drawing up a master plan for transformation”.


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