Metal Building Company’ s 2017 Target

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With 36 years of experience in the real estate development and construction sector, Metal Building Housing Company, which has accomplished many important projects in Istanbul, has increased it’ s targets in 2017 …

With its long history in the field of real estate development and construction and 36 years of experience, Metal Yapı Konut stands out with its branded housing projects in Istanbul. Metal Yapı Housing, which contributes 25 million TL monthly contribution to the economy with an annual turnover of 3 billion TL and employs 2500 people, aims to sell 2 billion TL for the year 2017. The company will invest about 500 million TL in 2017.

Despite the negatives they have experienced in the country and the sector, Metal Building Company General Manager Akın Karali, ‘’ After such a difficult year, expectations for 2017 are more positive. We expect higher sales figures in 2017, as purchases that are postponed this year pass through the next year. In 2017, we are aiming for 40% growth and 2 billion TL sales by putting our targets for this year on top. In addition, we will invest approximately 500 million TL in 2017 and we will provide 2,500 more jobs with our new projects that will pass on to life. We will continue our investments as a Metal Building House and we will show our confidence in the country economy under all conditions’’ he said.

In addition, Metal Building Company will also present investment opportunities abroad

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