Metro Increased House Prices

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According to the data of sahibindex Fast Estate Index, the metro line in Ümraniye has increased the prices of the houses for sale.

According to the irformation from, the data of fast estate belonging to 2016 year’s May have been expressed.

According to the data of Fast Estate Index, the square meter price of the houses in Ümraniye which has become one of the outstanding counties of Istanbul thanks to the ongoing building of Istanbul Finance Center and the metro line which is expected to be put in service at the end of the year has raised up %22,3 annually and %59 increase in the three years of period.


Especially the 2+1 houses’ square meter price has become 3 thousand 544 liras and the prices of this kind of houses raised to %68.

The raises in the value of the square meters in Ümraniye affected the rental houses. According to the sahibinex Fast Estate Index, the prices of the new houses for sale has increased %78 in the three years of time.

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