Million Competitions For In Koshuyolu Projects

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Koshuyolu District, one of the oldest living areas of Istanbul, has a new appearance after the urban transformation projects. In addition to its new appearance, it is already clear that it will be among the most important living centers of the future with new housing projects emerging. There is a great competition between the two great companies on the Koshuyolu region, which is one of the most central districts of Istanbul, with millions of dollars. The two companies have already offered quality and big projects in the region to consumers. Projects offered at extremely afford able prices have particularly attracted foreign nationals.


Two major projects are drawing attention in the region. The first major project is Validebag Konaklari. A preliminary demand period has been opened in the project, which houses 319 houses and 9 shops to be built by the DAB building. Price per square meter will be about 9 thousand Turkish liras. The most affordable apartment in the DAB building project will be at the level of 598 thousand Turkish liras. The second largest project in the region is the SURYAPI Excellence project. The project, which will include 185 residences, also includes home offices and shops. In addition, the square meter price is determined as 900 thousand Turkish liras. Recently, an increase in prices has been observed with the Eurasian tunnel, which is of great importance for Istanbul traffic. It is a great advantage to be a host in the region, which gains about 30% after opening the tunnel.

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