Minister Ağbal: Public Officials Will Be Given The Right To Purchase The Public Lodging

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Finance Minister Naci Agbal spoke about the contents of some Tax Laws and the Draft Law on Amendments to Laws and Decrees in Law. Minister Ağbal said that this arrangement, which contains more than 130 substances, will in fact solve the issues that concern many ministries. Minister Ağbal also explained that the law envisages the right to purchase public employees in public housing

Finance Minister Naci Agbal, who spent the night in Bayburt, attended the party's 6th Ordinary Central District Congress. Speaking here, Minister Ağbal spoke about the investments of the AKP governments, emphasized the importance of political and economic stability in the development of the countries.

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal stated that they are preparing a budget to serve the nation in 2018, they said that they have gone from 'Interest budget' to 'Service budget'. Minister Agbal, said:

"Half of the budget that was prepared in the 90s would have gone to the cause, because there was no political and economic stability in the country at the time, Turkey was sunk in a debt bubble, a constant turmoil in the economy, the money collected from the nation did not come as a national service, this stagnation every 3-4 years, and every time we stumbled upon the banks, the country's budget was almost destroyed, the economic crises were happening, how were they doing the budget at that time, you could not find any resources if you wanted to find a source, there was a Turkey that was violated under the IMF programs. You were doing a budget of 100 liras, you were paying half of it with interest and what you were doing with the rest of the money.

Resul Kaya AK Party was the head of Bayburt Central District.

Following the congress, Minister Ağbal evaluated the contents of the "Law on Certain Taxes," which was referred to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) and the Law on Making Amendments to Laws and Decrees on Legislation. Minister Bagbal stated that a 'Bag Law' containing very different topics was made:

"The negotiations are ongoing, I hope that we will complete the Bag Law negotiations in the Plan and Budget Commission, where we are making a Bag Law that contains a lot of different things, especially for taxation of our citizens' Special Communication Tax. There is an upper limit of 50% for the determination of real estate tax values ​​We open the way for citizens to buy agricultural land directly, about 54 thousand places like this. There is a very important regulation in terms of tourism sector. Especially interested in many investors in Antalya and Muğla region. We are going to see the sight of our investor here and extend the duration of these places and thus invest in these facilities. We are bringing the possibility of renewal for 49 years for these places. This is in fact an extremely vital and important arrangement for the future of the tourism industry. This will be a stepping stone to initiate the second move in this sector, which will open the way for tourism investors. Again in this arrangement tourism investors can buy this place if they want to use it. "

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