Minister Albayrak explained; No city will be left without natural gas in 2018

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While the construction of natural gas distribution throughout Turkey is going on rapidly, Minister Albayrak said that NO city will be left without natural gas in Turkey until the end of 2018.
 Minister Albayrak explained; No city will be left without natural gas in 2018


In many provinces of Turkey, both natural gas demand and industrial use are being left to increase, while construction and natural gas delivery operations are taking place for many non-natural gas destinations. Particularly in winter, natural gas, which causes a great deal of consumption and sometimes causes troubles, is working in Turkey for the most widely used for both industrial and home use.


Underlining that the construction works are being continued to take more natural gas to 200 cities of Turkey until 2019, Energy Minister Evi Resources Minister Berat Albayrak stressed that there will not be a city without gas in 2018 by taking natural gas to Artvin, Şırnak and Hakkari.
Minister Albayrak, who gave information about the work done to spread the use of natural gas increasing day by day and to bring natural gas to all the facts of Turkey, said that the city without natural gas will not be left.
Berat Albayrak, who made the important explanations within the context of the AK Party's 26th Consultation and Evaluation Meeting, mentioned the work done and shared the latest information, said that the geochemical and geophysical maps will be completed in 2018 in his presentation on national energy and mining policy. Minister Albayrak also spoke, "Turkey will complete the geophysical map in 2018. We will take all the geography of Turkey, from the vegetation cover up to the topographical structure, and we will see the resources we have in mining ".

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