More than half of Istanbul 3rd Airport is completed

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The latest situation on the Istanbul 3rd Airport project. IGA completed construction of a 52 per cent slice of half of the construction at the 3rd Airport, which is going to make Istanbul the center of the world.

The latest situation in İstanbul's giant airport project. The latest situation information has been updated at the Istanbul 3rd Airport project, which is followed carefully by the world that the construction of which IGA has undertaken. At the construction of the Istanbul 3rd Airport, it is reported that half of the gigantic project has been completed while great progress has been made.


In air transportation, works are going on at full speed within the scope of 3rd Airport Project, which will make Istanbul the center of the world and be used by millions of passengers every year.

For the first time in the past week, the 3rd airport construction work is continuing uninterruptedly where the airplane model and unmanned vehicles are downloaded with a special organization. According to the latest information on construction works, 50 percent of my work has been completed. The stages are completed one by one within the program at the construction of the 3rd airport, which is continued at a great pace based on 3 shifts per 24 hours.

Yusuf Akçayoğlu who is the CEO of the IGA Airports Construction, said in a statement on construction work, underlined that 52 percent of the ongoing construction of the 3rd Airport is completed.

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