Mortegages Given By Banks Increase Quintuple In 5 Years

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 Mortegages Given By Banks Increase Quintuple In 5 Years

The number of mortegages being sold in Turkey is increasing every year, but not only the number of mortegages, but also the amount of credit given out by the banks for mortegages has increased five times as much, just in five years, which means that a good percentage increases every year.


Mortegages given by banks increase quintuple in 5 years, means that the amount that a customer has to pay in a month, increases even more. For people who want to own a house, do not think about how much the finance is increasing, because they just want to get a house, but for some people, it is very difficult, when the salaries gained by workers is very limited.


In Turkey, if you want to buy a household either for yourself or to make an investment, first of all, the bank checks the house that you want to buy, so that you don’t have to get credit in an amount that you will not have to pay. Afterwards the bank checks on your financial movements to see if you are able to pay the instalements every month. Therefore the mortegages given by banks increase quintuple in 5 years means a whole lot for a person who wants to really own a house. It is not like 10 years ago in Turkey when it was easier to buy a house.


Every bank in Turkey has mortegage systems, although the system that every bank uses is different concerning insurances, investments and taxes. Therefore when a person wants to get a mortegage from a bank, they must know how much they have to pay per month.


That is why the mortegages give by banks increase quintuple in 5 years is very important. Until the last 10 years or so, the increasement was very stable, but in these 5 years it has increased too much, which gives the investors a hard time.

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