Most Of The Residences in Istanbul Are Small

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EVA Real Estate Appraisal’s “2016 Istanbul Branded Housing Survey” shows that 1,417 housing projects in the 34 provinces of the city took place and that the number of branded houses in the city reached 560.

In the study categorized by considering the geographical regions and transportation axes of Istanbul, 34 different region analyzes are included.


Houses Are Shrinking in Istanbul

According to the new survey, 27% of branded houses in Istanbul are composed of 3 + 1, 29% are 2 + 1 and 28% are 1 + 1 apartment types, whereas 16% are of other types. EVA Real Estate General Manager Cansel Turgut Yazıcı notes that approximately 62% of the branded houses are made up of 2 + 1 and smaller houses, that is, 62% of the branded houses in Istanbul are below 80 m2.

Representing 500,000 residential buildings in 2014 with a residential project of 1,242, Yazici says that in 2016, 14% of the number of branded residential projects in the Istanbul project increased by 12% compared to the previous year and 12% in the number of residential projects with branded projects. The printer records 430,000 houses in 1,007 projects in 2014, and this number reaches 1,242 projects and 500,000 houses in 2015, 1,417 projects and 560 houses in 2016.

The most important reason for this situation is that the houses in Istanbul are expensive. People who do not have the power to buy expensive homes are trying to reduce costs by searching for small houses. For this reason, branded housing producers are also trying to focus on small house production.

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