Natural Gas Comfort In Catalca

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IGDAS, which took over Catalca's natural gas distribution in August last year, brought more natural gas to 3 neighborhoods with its 86 kilometer line investment completed shortly.

Then, with the introductory meeting held in the canakca neighborhood, an investment of 130 kilometers was announced, which will bring Catalan's 9 neighborhoods more natural. By the end of 2017, İGDAs will have 309 kilometers of pipeline in Catalca and a total investment of 57 million TL.


IGDAS will continue to invest in Catalca until the end of 2017; Akalan will give natural gas to the İzzettin, Gökceali, Nakkas, Kestanelik, canakca, Dağyenice, Subası and Oklalı neighborhoods. The investment cost of this infrastructure system to be completed in 2017 will be 40 million TL. By the end of these investments, it is estimated that İGDAs's total number of subscribers in Catalca will reach 58.

IGDAS General Manager Mehmet Cevik also emphasized that they took over the distribution of natural gas in Catalca in 2016 and that Istanbul was included in the coverage area. In 2013, we invested 9.5 million TL in Catalca and invested 93 km of natural gas pipeline in Catalca. Since then, there has been natural gas in the neighborhoods of Elbasan, Ovayenice and cakıl. Today, we added three more neighborhoods, bringing natural gas to Ihsaniye, İnceğiz and Kabakca. We laid the foundations for our infrastructure system for these neighborhoods in September of last year. In a short period of time, we invested TL 7.5 million to complete the 86-kilometer pipeline.


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